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About US

This website and the eBooks were created by two former IB students, Arthur Zargaryan and Shikhar Sachdev. It was their good fortune that they were surrounded by many high-achieving, ambitious, and motivated students that performed admirably in the IB, attaining very high scores and going on to study at prestigious universities.

Soon after graduating from the International School of Geneva (the oldest International School in the world), Arthur and Shikhar decided to make use of the brainpower that had surrounded them for the past two years; why not make a guide to help the thousands of IB students around the world? They realized that there were almost none on the Internet, and that those that did exist had advice that wasn’t realistic for teenagers to follow. Thus, the project of creating this website and publishing an eBook was born.

Arthur and Shikhar reached out to their peers, asked them for specific, detailed advice on subjects that they specialized in, and ensured that it was written in a way that was practical and easy to understand for current (and future) students.

Their goal is to keep producing rich content that empowers IB students around the world to achieve the score that they need and improve in all their subjects. Additionally, the importance of leading a healthy lifestyle throughout these two, rigorous years is also emphasized. Their most important objective, however, is to share content that is highly useful and effective for the ambitious IB student.

Since September 2016 IB Survivors was acquired by the founder of the smart ib app (