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How will reading some random eBook help me tackle the IB?

It will show you specific, step-by step techniques to score highly in your subjects. You will save time, effort, and learn how to maximize your output. You won’t have to worry about finding the smartest or fastest way to do something; you’ll already have it written right in front of you.


What if I’m lazy and I procrastinate?

There’s this myth that to get good grades in the IB you need to bust your ass off for tons of hours and pull all-nighters.


It’s completely false.

You’re going to have to put in work. But it’s going to be a fraction of what you’d have to do if you didn’t have this eBook by your side.

You’re going to learn exactly how to ‘turn on’ that light switch in your brain that will help you work better. You’re going to learn exactly how to stop watching stupid cat videos and how to stop spending hours delaying action. Word.


What if I’m already in my second year?

It doesn’t matter one bit. You’re going to discover the magic of effective exam preparation, get all your IAs done on time without having a nervous breakdown, and still be able to apply the vast majority of techniques outlined in this eBook.


What if I don’t lift?



But what if I go to a bad school and my teachers aren’t very helpful?

No problem. Every single technique outlined in this eBook requires only one variable: YOU. As long as you follow what it tells you, you’re going to see results. If you also happen to have bad teachers, we won’t mind giving you feedback on your essays and IAs from time to time.


Can I trust everything you’re saying?

It’s simple: try the IB Survival Guide, if it doesn’t help, I want you to email me, prove to me that you’ve read it, and we’ll refund you 100%. You have my word.


No one has ever asked for a refund.