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7 Reasons Why You Should Take the IB


7 Reasons Why You Should Take the IB

Arthur Zargaryan

1) Your ability to bullshit reaches amazing levels.

Let’s be brutally honest: a large part of your college life, and even perhaps your future career, will come down to your ability to write huge papers on stuff that you may find hard to understand, or you simply don’t have enough time to write about. In the IB, the countless number of IAs you write coupled with the Extended Essay, TOK, and CAS Reflections ensures that you get really, really good at this. Last time I checked, AP students didn’t have to write a 4,000-word research paper. Kaboom!


2) You start to develop an amazing immunity to pain.

Ok, I’m just going to say it: The IB will hurt. It will literally physically hurt your hand when you have to write that many essays in that short period of time (I’m looking at you HL History). But once you get to college, and all your fellow AP roommates complain about having to balance all their newfound ‘hard subjects’, you’ll reflect over having to manage all your IB subjects along with CAS, an EE, TOK, IAs, and give them this look:

3) You will never ever take sleep for granted again.

Econ IA due tomorrow. You haven’t started. Looks like it’s All-Nighter Time!! You promise to never put off such an assignment again. Until next week of course.

all nighter.gif

4) One of your CAS Activities will turn into an actual Hobby.  

 Ugh, who has time to learn chess? 50 hours later and it’s actually become something I love to play. I promise you that you will continue doing that one CAS Activity you think you ‘find boring’. (PTSD?)

5) You fully realize that some things in life simply can’t be understood. They’re better left that way.

  *Cough*  *Cough*  *Cough* TOK.

6) You become a master hole puncher.

 Try putting a single hole punch through a 20-page essay. Resultantly, you gain super human power in your hands.

7) You can find anything on the Internet if you look hard enough.

Because the search for past papers has you getting more resourceful than you’ve ever been in your entire life. You start to type lines of code into Google followed by random ‘pdfs’. You feel like crying when you finish a past paper but its markscheme is nowhere to be found.