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Paul: The IB in America


Paul: The IB in America

Arthur Zargaryan

In the name of transparency I would like to preface this post by noting that I am the only American writer for this blog, a blog and related product both generally catering to a European audience.

It’s true, the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme is daunting. Certainly a formidable opponent, monstrous with its intent on obstructing your journey to a happier destination. Coming from a less-than-adequately-funded school in urban America, I’ve seen quite a few of my friends shrink away at the thought of tackling the academic juggernaut. However, like most of life, the greater the challenge, the greater the reward. I can’t speak with authority on universities outside of the United States, though I’m sure they’re quite similar, but I can assure you that the most prestigious American universities look upon an International Baccalaureate Diploma with immense respect and appreciation.

Some context for you: my high school was and is the poorest public educational facility in the immediate district and most of the surrounding area. It also happens to be the most diverse school in the entire state of Washington with over 65 languages spoken, about as international as it gets here in America. More than 60% of the student body receives financial aid in the form of “free or reduced lunch”. The school offers only 15 International Baccalaureate classes, 8 of which are Standard Level only and many of which were only added within the past year. This is in contrast to the 40+ subjects provided by the Programme, the vast majority of which are available in both Standard and Higher Level.

With all that in mind please trust me when I say, within reason, everybody willing to put in the effort can graduate the Programme with flying colors.

A very good friend of mine, illegal immigrant and poorer than Greece, was accepted into a Top 20 American university with a full ride scholarship, all thanks to the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme.

Your two years in this esteemed Programme will be hellish. You will stress, you will question your decision and yes, you will consider dropping out.

But your two years in this Programme will be worth it. It will prepare you for university, it will prepare you for your career and yes, it will prepare you for your future.

And we want to help.