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Arthur: How to Get Through Christmas


Arthur: How to Get Through Christmas

Arthur Zargaryan

Yay it’s time to relax and enjoy the festive season, but wait you have a shit ton of homework from your teachers and your parents are nagging you to get a head start on next year’s work by doing some extra revision….. So what do you do, do you choose to ignore all of them and just relax and do absolutely nothing the entire break, or do you choose to work (which is nearly impossible as you are completely burned out from the last few months of suffering, so you end up procrastinating your break away). It’s a lose-lose situation!

The fact is that most of us get 3-4 weeks of break, but we only really need 1 week to finish everything off and get a head start on next year’s work. So why do we bother so much on working the entire break and ruining our holidays. Now, what I suggest you do is talk with your parents and see what they have planned for the break (while you be leaving to the mountains, staying home and etc…). From this you’ll be able to deduce how much time you’ll have at home with absolutely nothing to do. You should optimally have one week towards the end of you break when you are free and this is when you should be doing all your work (yes, leave it to the last minute). Realistically people when provided with an entirely free day can clock in around 4 hours of work (if you can do more perfect, but do not overestimate your abilities), this means you’ll have at least 28 hours to finish everything. So why kill ourselves, just relax until your working week comes along and get to work. Use you break to unwind, don’t get burned out and give yourself some breathing room.

Relax and take it easy. You deserve it.