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The Best Way To Get That Econ 7


The Best Way To Get That Econ 7

Arthur Zargaryan

So by now you should know most of the material you have covered in class, I mean the concepts you learn aren’t that difficult. You should be able to remember most of the stuff at a quick glance as you probably have finished your mock exams, IAs and multiple tests. Having done that you also have definitively realized that simply “knowing” or “understanding” the material isn’t enough, you have to go above and beyond to deliver pertinent evaluations.

To develop these analytic skills you should have a strong bases in you core knowledge, so I suggest you spend approximately 4-5 hours simply drawing and redrawing all the graphs that you learned in class. I simply went through the text book and every time I saw a graph we had learned in class I copied it out, then tried to draw it from memory. I also explained to myself out loud what the graph was about and what concepts it represented. Finally I would think of an interesting evaluation for each of these graphs and say it out loud once more. By the end of the revision session I had around 7 pages of graphs all of which I new how to draw from memory.

Now that the base knowledge has been refreshed, we can talk about the juicy money making part; how do we do strong evaluations? There are two critical steps, firstly you should read and watch the news. Combine new sources which analyze economic situations (such as the Economist) with more main stream news sources (Euronews, NBC and CNN). Try to apply what you have learned to these news articles and try to see if they are interlinked. This sort of implicit daily analysis will really help you create some very interesting evaluations when you are in the exam room.

Finally, there are probably some people in your class who are better than you in economics, well what are you waiting for? Use their brains! A few weeks before the exams all my friends and I would talk about whilst eating lunch would be our subjects. I would pick their brains on how and what they analyzed when presented with certain types Econ of questions. I would literally ask them:

“What would evaluate to score those few extra points, what isn’t so obvious?”

Kids if you are reading this in year 1 of the IB, this is why it’s important to have smart and capable friends. You should really learn from each other and push each other to perform to the max of your abilities.

Oh, I almost forgot; if you have another 3 hours or so to invest I suggest you go through the Economics definitions and memorize them. I suggest making flash cards. Click the button below to get a list of all free definitions.

I was predicted a 6 for Economics, however in a month was able to turn that 6 into a 7 without much effort using the strategy I described above.

Best of Luck