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IB English Lang & Lit Paper 2 LIFE SAVER

Arthur Zargaryan


Our Latest Deal


We sent this as an email to our mailing list, but due to popular demand, it’s up here now:

Here's what we want to do:

1) You send us the two literary texts that you've read in class, and we will create a 1000 Word Ultimate Guide for all the Important Quotes, Symbols, Themes, and elements of each text. Highly personalized: you can even tell us what you want us to focus on. 

for example: 

Say you've read Antigone and Brave New World. 

You will tell us that you want us to work on those two texts. You can even tell us what you want us to focus on. 

We will create a kick-ass 1500 word pdf guide on literally everything you need to know (information & content wise) for those texts to get a level 7. 

it will contain 10+ symbols analyzed, 20+ quotes, themes and ideas explained, and real IB prompts to practice with. 

2) It's going to be created with the help of an IB English Teacher and 3 students that all scored level 7s in their Paper 2. 

3) As a gift, we will also send you a 3000 word guide on maximizing your grade for Paper 1. 

We will do this for $100. 

And here's the crazy part:

I know $100 may be something you can't afford, so if that's the case, I want you to ask your friends to pitch in. 

You heard me. 

I don't care if you buy the guide, and then distribute it to all your friends. You guys can all split the cost, and as long as we get the amount we need, you guys are free to distribute the eBook between yourselves. 

If that's two of you, that's less than $50 each.

If that's four of you, that's less than $25 each.

We're only going to be making this offer to the first 100 people that sign up (because we can't possibly do this for everyone), so click on the button below. 

Don't be afraid to ask for help  

Best wishes,

The IB Survivors Team 

If you're trying to do everything, you're going to fail.

Arthur Zargaryan

I recently read an article that really inspired me and I wanted to share my thoughts on it, and why I think it’s so important.

Here’s the original article:

I think that something like this is really relevant to a lot of students because when you’re surrounded by high-achieving individuals that are of the same age, you feel compelled to do stuff.

And this is most of the time really good. You work hard, try new activities, and engage in healthy competition.

But I feel as if it can be really harmful too.

Just yesterday, I heard some girl almost ‘bragging’ about how little sleep she got the other night.

She was saying something like ‘I had 5 hours of band practice, then I had to attend my MUN meeting, then I had tutor for 2 hours, and then I had to do all my homework. Omg I slept at like 4:00 am, I work soooo hard!!!’

I mean, don’t get me wrong. Doing stuff is good. But there’s a limit you know?

I’m sure that girl, let’s call her Josie, is working really hard. And maybe she’s genuinely passionate about everything she does. But I think she’s doing it wrong.

If we try to do everything, if we try to make everyone happy, and if we try to say yes to everything, we’re missing out on some valuable time.

 We’re missing out on time and energy that should be spent on ourselves.

How often do you spend time on self-reflection?

How often do you analyze your strengths and weaknesses?

A common theme that I’ve noticed in so many successful people is the amount of time they spend taking care of themselves. This can be through meditation, running, reading, whatever; the point is that if you’re not setting aside time to work on yourself, you’re massively limiting your potential to grow.

In the IB, I think it’s the same way. You have to prioritize. You have to find a way to maximize your output & productivity but at the same time you can’t survive on 4 hours of sleep every night.

I know that when you’re taking the IB this all sounds very abstract and meaningless, but please do take some time to self-reflect.

In the long run, are you better off spending some time with your little sister who you’re not going to see next year or should you attend a club meeting just so that you can put it on your Resumé?

99% of people will carry on their lives keeping themselves busy and doing meaningless activities.

The 1% that succeed will be self-critical (and accountable), pursue activities that they are genuinely interested in, and aim to maximize happiness (and not wealth or status).

You have the potential to do anything in this world, if, and only if, you don’t try to do everything.

That will surely lead to unhappiness and regret.