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E-Book: The IB Survival Guide


E-Book: The IB Survival Guide

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ebook store logo.png

E-Book: The IB Survival Guide



  • 10,000 Words Dedicated to Beating the IB. 
  • Over 25 pages of Advice from IB Alumni with 40+ scores. 
  • Range of Custom Generated Resources + Time Management Techniques to Double Productivity. 
  • The Key to Doing a Math IA in no time, and how Arthur got an A in his EE. 
  • Motivational Articles, Case Studies, and How to Find Any Past Paper on the Internet. 


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No, this isn’t a bullshit guide filled with biology or geography notes; we don’t target the content, we target the system. Why listen to us? Well, we’ve done it before, and done it pretty well. We graduated with top marks from the oldest IB school in the world, we were given an opportunity to understand and exploit every weakness the IB has to offer, and now it’s time to give you all our secrets.

Our objective is to help students like you realize your full potential, no matter what school you go to or how bad your teachers are. We’re going to show you how it’s possible to still be healthy, have a social life, and be happy whilst tackling the IB.

If you don’t feel like we’ve helped, we are offering you a 100% money back guarantee, and you get to keep the eBook. What do you have to lose?